• The water distribution system is made of PVC, PP. It helps homogenous distribution and sprinkling of process water in the cooling tower. If the process water is less than 55° C, PVC pipes are chosen. Above that degree, PP pipes are preferred.


    • The spray nozzles used in our towers are made of polypropylene. To provide easy cleaning and maintenance, they are designed to be easily removed and ..

    • Drift eliminators are made of PVC material. The drift eliminators are used to eliminate the escape of the pulverized water and diminish the water los..

    • PVC film type fillings are made of thermoformed PVC layers, to obtain maximum cooling surface and minimum air resistance. Effective heat transfer coefficient is very high and is fire resistant. PVC film type fillings are suggested where total suspend..

    • PP (Polypropylene) Splash fillings are consisted of bars letting an easy passage. Those fillings are preferred where the water is oily, where the environment is dirty and dusty, where there is more than 100 ppm total suspended solid and where the ..

    • PP (Polypropylene) Bigudi fillings are preferred where the water is very hot or oily, where the environment is dirty and dusty. This filling, made of Polypropylene material, is capable to withstand temperature up to 90°C without damage. They are e..

    • The fans with Aluminum profile, with PPG/PAG composite blades or GRP composite silent blades are used in the cooling towers. Fan blade angles can be ..

    • FRP Structural pultruded profiles are non rusting, non rotting materials. They are manufactured by combining a resin matrix with fiber reinforcement. This is formed and cured in a continuous process creating a product of extraordinary strength and..

    • Gears

      Helical spur gears and helical bevel gears are produced from case hardened steel.  After the machining operations of the gears (lathing, thread cutting, burring and keyway cutting), heat treatment operation is performed in order to ..

    • Fan guard prevents foreign object damage to the fan. HDG (hot deep galvanized) fan guards are used in the cooling towers.


    • The body panels used in the tower construction are made of GRP(Glass Reinforced Polyester) which is resistant against corrosion and have a very long product life time. The internal and external surface of the tower is from Gel-Coat material which is..

    • For very dirty waters containing a lot of suspended material, GRP open ducts are prefered. GRP water distribution ducts provide easy cleaning. Generally, It used process in iron-steel factories, oil refineries etc.


    • The drive shaft is used to transmit the motion from motor to the gear box. Minimum vibration is provided with the use of flexible connection system.


    • The vibration switch used in cooling towers are switch contact and aluminum case. We are able to offer options as magnetic or electronic switch, based on customer demand. Vibration switches are used as a safety precaution in the cooling towers. It..

    • Frame Sizes : 56 … 200 Outputs : 1,1 kW … 30 kW No. of Poles: 4,6,8 Degrees of Protection: IP55, IP56, IP65 Voltage : rated supply of 400V, supply from 110V to 690V may be supplied on request Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz Motor frames: frame sizes 56 to ..